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Since acquiring an oilfield trade magazine as business and job in 1979, David Yager has gained extensive media and public speaking experience. This was augmented by commercial activities as a trade magazine ad copy writer, corporate profile author, marketing material writer for his companies and clients, and authoring innumerable annual reports, press releases, MD&A, and corporate AV presentations. He is also an experienced photographer.

  • Junior high school newspaper, reporter
  • High school newspaper, editor
  • University of Alberta newspaper, photographer
  • The Roughneck, an oilfield trade magazine in Calgary (1979-1992)
  • CBC Radio 1010 Calgary Political Panel (1986-1991)
  • Calgary Sun, Op Ed Columnist (1992 & 1993)
  • CBC Radio Business Commentator (1980 to Present)
  • CBC TV Crossfire Public Affairs Show Co-Host (1991)
  • Calgary Herald, Op Ed Columnist (1994 & 1995, 2008 & 2009)
  • Oilweek, Feature Editorial Columnist “Our Industry” (2002 -2012, 2016-2017)
  • Featured guest on CBC’s Cross Canada Checkup (1986)
  • Numerous interviews on radio and television and other media on the oil and gas industry, politics and energy policy in Canada and the United States
  • Most recently wrote a weekly newsletter for MNP LLP on the oilfield services industry for staff and clients which was broadly distributed domestically and internationally through and
  • Current monthly contributor to

David Yager released his first book in the spring of 2019 titled, From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story.

Back Cover Summary:

A miracle.
Coal, oil and natural gas are the carbon-based fossil fuels that powered the Industrial Revolution and civilization’s rapid advancement.
A menace.
Climate change has now convinced many that carbon emissions are the world’s greatest challenge.
The necessity and benefits of decarbonizing the global industrial and energy complex are well articulated. What is not explained is that this will require the largest financial disruption in history, affecting everyone and everything.
For over a century Alberta’s massive carbon resources have supported Alberta and Canada financially, helping make Canada the world’s fifth-largest oil and gas producer. Carbon has been a major driver of prosperity, employment and opportunity, shaping the country we know today.
However, climate change is creating enormous challenges for Alberta – and Canada – with no possible outcomes that will satisfy all stakeholders.

Alberta has become ground zero for the changes many demand but few are willing to pay for. As the province demonstrates what carbon’s future looks and feels like, unless the rest of the world participates Alberta and its major industry have become needless sacrifices.
From Miracle to Menace explains how Alberta came to be, the enormity of the planned financial dislocation, and how Alberta, and Canada, can meet the climate challenge without inflicting further severe economic damage.


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