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‘From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story’

If it unfolds as we’re told it must, climate change will result in the greatest economic disruption in world history.
Alberta has become ground zero for the future of the world’s oil and gas producing regions. It will be painful, it will be expensive, and it will be ugly.
Except this massive adjustment to a low-carbon society is only happening in Alberta. Every other major oil producer of the world is doing what it can to keep up with rising demand.
Alberta and Canada’s financial sacrifices will not change the composition of the global atmosphere. Without cooperation from the rest of the world, we’re committing economic suicide with not tanglible rewards.
This is the book Canada needs right now, a comprehensive investigation and analysis that answers all the questions about climate change, Alberta, its oil and gas industry, and the future of both.

  • How Alberta helped make Canada the fifth largest oil and gas producer in the world

  • Why millions more people live in Alberta than places with similar geography like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, North Dakota and Idaho

  • What it means to the economy when Justin Trudeau says Canada must “phase out” of the oil sands

  • The ever-changing role of politics in fossil fuel development

  • The economic impact of oil on Alberta

  • The history of climate change

  • How the internet shaped the climate change debate and the future of the world

  • Climate change becomes mankind’s next catastrophe

  • Politicians respond with lots of policies but few solutions

  • Forecasts for continued global fossil fuel consumption

  • All the good things going on in the world nobody talks about

  • Carbon capital crunch – squeezing the taps on fossil fuel producers

  • How climate change is exploited without actually changing the climate

  • Carbon taxes – the solution nobody will pay for

  • Alberta’s future in a low-carbon world

  • Workable solutions to control climate change
  • For or to
    From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story