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David Yager is currently researching and writing a book about the current and future impacts of existing policy and political trends on Alberta and Canada’s carbon resource industries. The working title is “What You Thought And What You Got – Alberta, A Canadian Carbon Story”.

The project requires significant economic analysis to determine how the economy will respond to several major policy changes variables including:

  • Higher carbon taxes and further restrictions on carbon resource development and market access

  • What the economies of a “decarbonized” Alberta and Canada might look like if the “leave in the ground” movement, led by people like David Suzuki, is successful

  • Realistic and objective review of the current state of “clean tech” and renewables, regularly touted as practical alternative to fossil fuels and the re-employment and wealth creation opportunities available

  • Why the elimination of carbon resources is impossible given the current state of technology. Coal, oil and natural gas are used for much more than an energy source

  • A “third way”, a practical middle path between denying the climate change issue exists and demanding the carbon resource industry be shut down as soon as possible

  • Yager Management Ltd. is undertaking this research on a commercial basis and is seeking partners to fund the research. The data will be made available for all participants. For further information contact:

    David Yager, President, Yager Management Ltd.
    Tel 403 850 6088 Mail

    Should you wish to participate immediately please contribute via Credit Card or Paypal: